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Impact Advantage, LLC

  • Emergency Planning

    Are you struggling to meet state and federal requirements? Do you have a current plan staff can use in your absence?


    Let us help you plan for emergencies—building a functional document that incorporates state and federal guidelines.

  • Web Design

    Is your website sadly outdated? Is your content stagnant? Do you struggle to keep your site fresh and relevant?


    Let us refresh it—creating a current, active site that draws people to your programs and services.

  • Strategic Planning

    Does your agency have a long-term goal? Do employees support your core values? Are you working to develop leaders?


    Let us guide you—looking ahead to develop a roadmap for your agency's future.

  • Branding

    Do people know what your agency does? Do they understand your value? Is your company name recognizable?


    Let us help you develop a brand—sharing your identity and demonstrating a value everyone will recognize.

  • Information Sharing

    Are you reaching people with information? Is your media outreach effective? Are you actively engaged in social media?


    Let us connect you—telling your story through traditional and social media outlets.

  • Other Services

    Are you working 60+ hours a week? Do you take work home with you? Are you out of funds for more staffing?


    Let us multiply your resources—providing quality products and services while saving you money.

''Impact Advantage has been a workforce multiplier for our health department. Their rapid, professional media releases have allowed us to meet our community health promotion goals and increase our organization's visibility. Our hard working staff do not have to divert from customer services to prepare public information and we receive a better product than we could produce!''

- Jodi Waltman
Administrator, Phelps/Maries County Health Department

''Our Emergency Plans now reflect our Health Department's responsibilities during an event, rather than a generic template that was designed to fill in the blanks. Impact Advantage is the best use of emergency preparedness funds we have ever spent. Impact Advantage services has saved us time which we now can devote to other Public Health Services.''

- Paige Behm
Administrator, McDonald County Health Department

About Impact Advantage, LLC

The three loves of my working life are emergency planning, public information and public health. Working for more than a decade in local public health, I saw every day how underfunded and overworked public health employees are, especially the agency administrators. They work tirelessly every day just to meet the critical needs of their office, and take work home every night and many weekends. They long to do special projects, like strategic planning, grant writing and community assessments, but most days all they can manage to do is cross three things off the to do list and add ten more. It's not for lack of effort -- definitely not! It's a lack of funding at the state and federal level that leave these people who have hearts of gold -- hearts that want to serve their communities -- working themselves night and day.

Impact Advantage, LLC can help lighten the load and create a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me take a project off the towering stack on your desk and give you an hour to go to your son's baseball game or your daughter's piano recital.

I've worked in public health for more than 11 years. I spent 7 years working with counties across Missouri on public information and risk communication planning. I also served four years as a local public health agency administrator in southwest Missouri. I hold a Masters in Health Administration from Webster University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the Master's College. I've worked for years on collaboration building, resource sharing, and regional emergency planning and response. I've served on multiple committees, taught adult professional courses, and offered guest lecturs at universities, conferences, and trainings.

I am a self-identified workaholic, who knows all to well what the 60-hour workweek feels like. Let me help lighten your load. Get the Impact Advantage today!

—Jaci McReynolds, MHA

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